Victor Ongallah

Intrepid is saddened by the news that one of our beloved leaders is in trouble. He needs all our help to remain healthy.

Born on the shores of Lake Victoria in Western Kenya, Victor Ongollah had a passion for wildlife, culture and history from a very young age. This passion led him to study tourism management at the Kenya Wildlife Service Training Institute before joining PEAK/Intrepid as a tour leader in 2011. In the 6 years that he has led trips for Intrepid, he has grown to become one of East Africa’s most valued leaders, bringing back consistently high feedback from his long overland trips from Nairobi to Cape Town and back – on which it is a true feat to keep clients happy as they cross 8 countries in 48 days.

In late 2016, Victor was sadly diagnosed with aplastic anaemia – a serious and life-threatening condition characterised by deficiency of all types of blood cell caused by failure of bone marrow development. The only cure for this disease is a bone marrow transplant. Fortunately, Victor’s sister has been confirmed as a matching donor. Victor is now raising funds to assist him in covering the cost of the transplant and post-op treatment which needs to take place in a specialised hospital in New Delhi.

We hope to raise $15,000 to help him recover. All donations up to $15,000 will be matched.

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