Tat Kuang Si Bear Rescue Centre – completed 2015


Tat Kuang Si care for victims of the illegal wildlife trade and work closely with the Lao authorities to strengthen wildlife protection legislation and enforcement.

Asiatic black bears (Moon Bears) are an endangered species targeted by illegal hunters for use in the traditional medicine trade, restaurant trade or as exotic pets. Young cubs are often targeted by hunters after the mother has been killed because they are easy to transport and conceal. They are often malnourished and frightened but are given a second chance and able to live out the rest of their lives comfortably in the Tat Kuang Si sanctuary.

The centre houses more than 20 rescued bears, and they enjoy large forested enclosures, cool fresh water streams fed by the nearby waterfall, and lost of play and enrichment items to keep them fully occupied. Increasing environmental awareness is of particular importance and one of the most recent projects is a nature discovery trail within Tat Kuang Si Park, primarily aimed at local communities and school children. Through this they are able to highlight the threats to forests and wildlife, and are working to support educational visits from local and international schools over the coming years.

Funds donated through The Intrepid Foundation were used to help support environmental awareness and education programs, and promote wildlife conservation efforts amongst local schoolchildren.


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