Lion Film Children’s Fund

Intrepid Group cover all administration costs insuring 100% of your donation goes to those who need it most

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The feature film Lion follows the true story of Saroo, a young man searching for his family in India after being separated from them as a boy. Sadly, his case is not unusual – over 80,000 children go missing in India each year.

Intrepid Travel and The Intrepid Foundation have teamed up with the folks from Lion to share Saroo’s story and raise awareness about the plight of vulnerable, marginalised children around the world.

The Intrepid Foundation supports a range of organisations in Asia, Africa and Latin America that focus on children’s rights. These organisations are experienced in delivering vital support services to vulnerable kids, including health, education, and counselling. Many of these children have been orphaned, were living on the street, come from disadvantaged families, or have been rescued from trafficking syndicates.

We are working with our partners to support the development of best practice within their programs, in an effort to provide a high standard of care for children in need. By donating to this fund, you will help strengthen our partners’ counselling programs and other health, education and well being services.

Learn more about the organisations we work with that provide services for children and youth around the world.


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