FUNDAR Galapagos – completed 2016

FUNDAR Galapagos is based in Santa Cruz Island. It works with the Galapagos community, using alternative and responsible approaches to strive for sustainable development.

Their main focus is the Pajaro Brujo Reserve with an area of 85 hectares located in the highlands of Santa Cruz. The Reserve struggles against invasive introduced species such as elephant grass, blackberry and guava which hinder the growth of native species such as the scalesia. The aim is to reforest the Reserve with endemic species from Galapagos and help the native species to recover the area. This is done without using pesticides or herbicides in order to help protect the local wildlife and nature.

In the Reserve organic farming is demonstrated to the local community to raise environmental awareness. Most of the groceries are imported from mainland Ecuador. There are great possibilities to produce organic goods locally which result in healthier and more sustainable lifestyles for the local community.

Every week local students visit the Reserve to learn about organic farming, reforestation and leadership skills.

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