Friends of the Asian Elephant

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Friends of the Asian Elephant help to rehabilitate and care for elephants that were once used in entertainment venues, and for elephant rides throughout Thailand, often relocating them to Surin province where they can live in more natural surroundings.

FAE’s elephant hospital provides free medical care and transportation for elephants, and supports mahouts (elephant handlers), researchers and vets in good animal welfare practices.

Some of the elephants at FAE have suffered from poor treatment, or have been injured by land mines. The hospital helps these animals to recover, and encourages mahouts to bring expectant mothers in for treatment in order to minimise any stress felt by the mother, whilst ensuring the safe delivery of healthy baby elephants. As part of their trip to Northern Thailand, many of our groups visit the Centre near Lampang, and can see first-hand the great work of FAE at the hospital. The organisation has successfully lobbied the government to stop the illegal logging of Thailand’s rainforest, and have successfully taken elephants off the streets of Bangkok where they were forced to live in an unnatural environment and in danger of injury from vehicles.

Donations through The Intrepid Foundation will help with elephant welfare, the continuing development of their humane enclosures and maternity facilities and for research and advocacy.

Donations to this project are not tax deductible.

Intrepid Travel and Peregrine Adventures are responsible travel focused businesses and have set policies around not participating in activities that exploit animals – wild or domesticated.

Elephant issues have been a strong area of concern. Having such an enormous wild animal restrained for many hours at a time and used for rides or to do human-like behaviours, such as kick a soccer ball or paint pictures with their trunks, has never felt right. So Intrepid and Peregrine have ceased to support the riding of elephants or taking part in any entertainments that force elephants to behave in an unnatural way.

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