Brighton to Brixton Cycle Challenge – completed July 2017

On 12 June 2017, Intrepid Group staff will set off on a challenging cycle ride from Brighton to our office in Brixton, London. This challenge is all in the name of supporting Bicycles for Humanity, a grassroots organisation that aims to make a life changing difference in Southern Africa by improving basic mobility with bicycles.

Our cycling team will be very international with representatives from offices across the globe, including some of our Global Leadership Team. We’d love you to join us or support us by making a donation. For many of us this will be the biggest cycling challenge we ever undertake (the route is circa 56 miles with a huge 650 meters to climb!), but with a good cause in mind, we all believe we can do it.

So how is Bicycles for Humanity improving lives with bicycles? A bike allows a healthcare worker to visit and extra 3 to 4 patients in a day. It allows easier and quicker transportation to collect water and get goods to market. It also helps people travel to work and school more easily, allowing them more time and energy for studies and family life.



Approximately 450 second hand bikes are collected and squeezed into a container that is then shipped to Namibia, where the Bicycles for Humanity partner on the ground mobilises these resources and ensures they go where needed the most. Even the shipping container is re-purposed to become a workshop. Local people are trained in both mechanical and business skills to enable ongoing, sustainable and diversified employment opportunities. These opportunities include computer training centres, brick building facilities and the purchase of solar energy panels. Click here for more information on Bicycles for Humanity.

Our goal is to raise £2000 / $AUD 3300, and you can help by donating or even joining us on this cycle challenge. All donations made via The Intrepid Foundation will be matched, and all administrative charges are covered y the Intrepid Group. Your donation will go directly towards purchasing the containers and shipping the bikes to Africa.

Donations to this project are eligible for a tax deduction in Australia only. Receipts will be issued via email prior to the end of the Australian Financial Year.


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