Amani Children’s Home

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Amani Children’s Home has rescued hundreds of street children and orphans who have been left homeless owing to poverty, abuse, and death .

In one of the world’s poorest economies, weakening family ties and HIV/AIDS mean the number of street-children in Tanzania is growing daily. Amani Children’s Home is reducing the number of children living on the streets.Amani reunites children with their relatives where possible.They help to equip their families with the tools they need to be self-sustainable.

When no other alternative exists Amani provides a nurturing place for homeless children to heal, grow and learn.

Amani is located at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Moshi, Tanzania. They provide a safe and loving home, education, medical care, healthy food and counselling. Their programs include street education by trained social workers, reunification and family mediation, health care, academic and vocational education. They have a one-to-few mentoring program that focuses on building capacity, avoiding drugs and dangerous situations, and treating each other well.

Amani have recently built some Youth Transition Houses – semi-independent living homes for youth that that do not have family to be reunified with, where they can gain independent living skills.

Your donation will help Amani with the welfare of the children and the development of the transition houses.

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