What if? – Blue Dragon’s Impact

Boy squatting

For fifteen years now Michael Brosowski has dedicated himself to disadvantaged and exploited youth in Vietnam. Here the founder of Blue Dragon ponders what might have happened if he had returned to teaching in Australia instead….. “Once a little girl asked me something quite profound: What if I hadn’t started Blue Dragon? Where would I…

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What makes an elephant-friendly venue?

Elephant welfare - eating

1. Are the elephants used for entertainment? Genuine sanctuaries do not offer rides, ‘be-a-mahout’-activities, or shows where the elephant is doing things that are not natural for them.. Elephant-friendly venues do not allow for any direct tourist-elephant interaction. 2. Do the elephants live in a wild or semi-wild environment?  Elephant-friendly venues aim to provide conditions…

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Warmth for Puno – warming houses saves lives.

Kusimayo_warm clean house

Cold kills in Peru. Inadequate housing and heating conditions impact the lives of many disadvantaged children and adults living on the high plains of Puno in Peru. Kusimayo is a nonprofit organization that improves the life conditions of those affected by poverty and malnutrition in Puno, Peru. With a population of over 1 million Puno…

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Saving Điệp – a family reunited

Blue Dragon_ Diep

The Blue Dragon centre in Hanoi was alive with excitement over the final weekend of July, when 70 of our tertiary students from all around Vietnam spent 3 days learning new skills to help with their studies, employment and relationships. Điệp was particularly excited to be there. Điệp was born into a poor fishing family in a coastal…

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A Story of Homecoming from Amani

Amani Children’s Home rescues hundreds of street children and orphans  who because of poverty, abuse, and death have been left homeless. And sometimes they help to re-unite a family. “Amani found Abubakar on the streets of Arusha when he started visiting our Drop-in Center. Our street educator heard from other children that both his parents were dead…

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Pollinate’s numbers are on fire!

Pollinate Energy reaches more and more Indian slum dwellers with cheap, carbon free solar lights every year.  This social enterprise is helping people find prosperity while helping the planet. Over the past 5 years Pollinate has improved the lives of over 100,000 people, sold 22,171 sustainable products and saved 6,580,000 kg of CO2 emissions – the equivalent…

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