Successful Fundraising Ideas

Here are some of the many and varied ideas Intrepid Travellers have come up with to raise funds for a project they’ve visited during their travels.

Here are some of our favourites.

Get in touch with us to tell us about your fundraising efforts.

Charlie raises funds for Nepal      Idea by Charlie aged 8 (now)

Charlie sent us  an email asking us to set up a donor page for him so his birthday presents became money for Nepal. Here’s what he wrote:

Hi my name is Charlie

I’m about to turn 8. Can you please give the money you would have spent on a present for me to the people in Nepal? I have lots of toys. Some people in Nepal have nothing. This money will help the earth quake survivors. They need clothes, water, food, first aid and shelter.

I want to help these people and although it is only a small amount of money I am sure it will make a big difference to the people of Nepal.

Here are some facts about the earthquake and Nepal.Charlie_small The earthquake registered 7.9 on the Richter scale. 27.8 million people live in Nepal, more than in Australia, and at least 6000 people have been killed by the earthquake and many thousands more injured.

It is already a poor country and needs our help



Amount raised $920 for KEEP


Raising funds for a Braille Printer     Idea by Pema’s Group

An Intrepid Group travelling on the Mountains and Monasteries trip in Tibet this month have decided to raise funds for Braille Without Borders, hoping to help them buy a much desired braille printer.

Says Yehudi Gordan “We visited the Blind school in Lhasa this month and we were very impressed. As a group we want to buy a Braille printer for the school.”

Amount raised $1300 for Braille Without Borders


Bumi Sehat Scholarship Fund     Idea by Ruth Callander

On a recent trip to Ubud, Ruth and several other women from OneWorld Retreats visited the Bumi Sehat birthing centre Nyuh Kuning. Ruth was so inspired by their work that on her return to Australia she decided to raise funds for the centre.Group_small

Her group joined her. They knew that Indonesia has one of the highest maternal and infant mortality rates in South East Asia. Over three million tourists per year holiday in Bali, enjoying its stunning scenery and beautiful culture. This fundraising project is a result of one of those holidays, created on behalf of a group of international women who attended a meditation retreat in Ubud in 2014.

Amount raised $720 for Bumi Sehat

Donations instead of presents     Idea by Jane Kitchen

Jane Kitchen in HueMy husband Paul and I were on an Intrepid Trip through Vietnam when we were taken to see the work Blue Dragon does in Hanoi. By that time we had seen a bit of how the people live and how difficult it must be for the children. We were really impressed with what Blue Dragon does. I don’t see how anyone could fail to be touched and in awe really of what you are achieving. We made a donation at the time and when it was the occasion of my 60th birthday the following year it seemed only right that I should ask my friends to donate to Blue Dragon instead of giving something to me. We are so, so fortunate in comparison with these children. Words can go nowhere near expressing it. Thank goodness for the existence of people like the Blue Dragon staff.

Amount raised $300 for Blue Dragon


Climbing for Kids   Tim Melching and Charles Knowlton

Charles and TimIn July of 2014 Tim Melching and Charles Knowlton committed to another of their tandem adventures, this time they decided to push themselves AND make a positive impact in the lives of others. Bay Area Wilderness Training’s “Climbing for Kids” program provided the perfect opportunity. They would climb to the top of Grand Teton in Wyoming.

They hosted BBQs, movie nights, and auctions; sold t-shirts and hoodies; organized costume kickball parties; and solicited family and friends for donations in their attempt to reach their fundraising goal of $10,000. With the help of Intrepid Travel’s matching they raised $12,940, which equates to approximately 220 youth having the chance to experience an overnight wilderness trip with a positive role model and experienced guide.

Amount raised:  AUD$12,940 for Bay Area Wilderness Training. in the USA.


Sell your CDs and books     Idea by Simon Saunders

XHintrepidI went on the ‘China Express’ tour back in April which stopped off at Xi’an and we visited the Huiling School there. I was surprised that the school didn’t get any funding from the government and when I came home I immediately saw all the CDs that I had been collecting (or hoarding!) and thought why did I need to keep them when all the songs are on my computer and iPod anyway!
So I just added the CDs to a website and I was surprised at how well they are selling! I think I’ve sold around 35 CDs. Not bad for things that were just sitting around taking up shelf space as well as gathering dust…

Amount raised: AUD$520 for Xi’an Huiling in China.


A wedding gift list with a difference..   Idea by Alison & Dan Gladdish

AliDansmallDaniel and I were married in May. Our paths first crossed when we were travelling in Australia and our love for exploring new places and meeting new people helped to cement our relationship. Our most memorable trip was to Cambodia with Intrepid. Little did I know that Dan had smuggled an engagement ring all the way from England in his hand luggage with the intention of proposing at Angkor Wat. He played it cool when I said I was too tired for the early start to see sunrise – he knew me well enough to know I would realise it was an opportunity not to be missed – and it was unforgettable in more ways than one! Of course, our wedding had to have a travel theme, but it wasn’t just about the menu, the colours and the flowers, we wanted our guests to understand the serious aspect of our experiences. We had read about the impressive work of the Intrepid Foundation and whilst in Sihanoukville, we visited the Starfish cafe and bakery for lunch (on a very rainy day at the beginning of the monsoon season!). It made such an impression on us, that instead of creating a conventional wedding list, we asked our guests to donate to the Starfish Project. We simply wrote a short description of the Intrepid foundation and the project and included it with the link to the website in our guest information leaflet. The response was overwhelmingly positive with many of our guests not only donating, but commenting on the fantastic work of the project and how happy they were to contribute.

Amount raised: Over AUD$550 raised for Starfish Foundation in Cambodia.


Engagement party wishing well    Idea by Michael & Chantelle

KOTOsmallIn 2009, we went on a world trip and did six Intrepid tours. We absolutely loved our adventures in Asia and Central/South America, especially visiting the organisations helped by the Intrepid Foundation. With a furry travel companion called Spud the Wombat in tow, we went to the COPE Foundation and Tat Kuang Si Bear Rescue Centre in Laos, the KOTO Training Centre in Vietnam and Xi’an Huling in China. Since we were backpacking, we were not in a financial position at the time to help the organisations we visited.
However, three years later when we organised our engagement party we thought it would be nice to ask family and friends to make a donation to the Intrepid Foundation, rather than give us presents. We emailed the Foundation to let them know what we were doing and made up a poster which gave guests more information about the organisations they would be helping. We set up a wishing well next to the poster so they could anonymously give their donation.
We raised just over $1100 on the day and split the money between the four organisations. We are looking forward to more Intrepid tours in the future, including an African safari for our honeymoon.

Amount raised: Over AUD$1100 raised for Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam

Photos, Food, and Fundraising       Idea by Amy Jennings

AmysmallIn February of 2012, I traveled to Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia with Intrepid. It was an amazing trip! While each country was unique and memorable, I fell in love with Laos, its breathtaking scenery, and its friendly people. When I returned home, I wanted to give back to the people who made such an impression on me. Since so many of my friends and family wanted to see my trip photos, I decided to organize an event at which I could share my photos and raise money. I approached a local Lao restaurant owner who was more than willing to help me host an event where I showed my photos, shared some traditional Lao foods, and raised money for Cooperative Orthotic and Prosthetic Enterprise (COPE). COPE was one of the stops in Laos which made a great impression on me. I told my friends about COPE and they generously donated through the Intrepid Foundation. We raised more than $550 at the event, and with Intrepid’s generous match, we were able to donate $1140 to COPE.

Amount raised: AUD$1140 raised for COPE in Laos


Sponsored climb of Kilimanjaro          Idea by Wendy Sexton

Wendy1In June 2012 I traveled through Kenya and Tanzania with Intrepid, prior to climbing Mt Kilimanjaro.  As I met people in Tanzania and Zanzibar who had climbed Kili, some mentioned that they had raised funds for various projects and I felt a little dejected that I hadn’t thought to do the same over the previous months of preparation.  One evening over dinner as we were talking about my upcoming challenge one of my Intrepid travel buddies generously offered to sponsor my climb.  This was the start of my fundraising efforts – better late than never.  With only a couple of days to go, I sent out an email to my friends, family and work colleagues asking for their assistance for my Kilimanjaro attempt, with proceeds going to projects I had visited in Tanzania (with Intrepid) and Kenya.  I embarked on my Kili trip, which I’m pleased to report was a success, and came back to numerous emails with pledges of support!  It was overwhelming and a privilege to be able to give a little back to the wonderful people I met making a difference in their corner of the world.  If you never ask, the answer is always no!

Amount raised: over AUD$1000 for projects in Tanzania


Donate left over Kitty Money   Idea by the members of Trip YXOD120715

Cliff Collett did a Road to Zanzibar in Tanzania with an Intrepid group. The group decided that they would use their left over kitty to make a donation to Amani.

Amount raised: over AUD$200 for Amani Children’s Home in Tanzania