1. Will my entire donation get to the project I have chosen?

Yes, 100% of public donations reach the nominated program or project. The administration costs of The Intrepid Foundation are entirely funded by The Intrepid Group plus we match all contributions dollar for dollar up to a total of AUD$400,000 and a maximum of AUD $1,000 total per donor in each financial year, excluding emergency appeals. All charities or foundations have administration costs – staff wages, advertising and marketing, accounting and legal fees, bank charges etc. For many charities this accounts for more than 20% of contributions, but in our case Intrepid Group pays all the administrative overheads of The Intrepid Foundation.


2. Who holds the money I donate and can they be trusted?charitytick

The Intrepid Foundation Ltd. has a board consisting of senior staff of Intrepid Group and a number of qualified and experienced external directors. The Board ensures all beneficiary organisations and projects are assessed and monitored according to approved criteria. Our accounts are audited by an external, independent auditor.

The Intrepid Foundation Trust is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC).



3. Is the foundation owned by Intrepid?

No – The Intrepid Foundation and its trustee company are independent of the supporting companies. Intrepid Travel established The Intrepid Foundation at the end of the 2002 financial year with a contribution of AUD $200,000. The Intrepid Group was formed in 2013, (bringing Intrepid Travel, Geckos and Peregrine Adventures, The Family Adventure Company and Adventure Tours all under the same ownership) allowing a wider range of travellers the chance to donate to the projects and communities they visit. These companies continue to generously support the work of The Intrepid Foundation via the dollar for dollar donation matching scheme and payment of operating expenses.

The Intrepid Foundation has a separate and independent board of directors who determine strategy and monitor progress.


4. Can I get involved with The Intrepid Foundation in some way?

Of course! The first way is to donate to any of the programs or projects offered. Above and beyond that, we welcome any fundraising initiatives that you may wish to undertake to support any of The Intrepid Foundation’s current beneficiary projects. Here are some great suggestions from previous travellers.


5. Can I get a tax deduction?

Most of our projects are small grassroots organisations that are not recognized as international charities. We cannot offer tax-deductbility on them. Fortunately our offer of matching still makes us a very attractive way to donate to your favourite causes.

We do have some projects that we can receipt for tax purposes in Australia only. These projects have a note at the bottom of the page stating that receipts will be issued via email prior to the end of the Australian Financial Year. You can find them all here.


6. Why did Intrepid Travel set up The Intrepid Foundation?

Manch and Darrell

Manch and Darrell at New Hope Children’s Centre

Ever since Geoff Manchester and Darrell Wade started Intrepid Travel in 1989, they have honoured a commitment to contribute back to the communities where they operate. In the early days, they supported many different projects: some managed by non-governmental organisations based in Australia like Amnesty International and Plan; some being grassroots projects in the communities they visited. As the company grew, so did the support from travellers. And so, to ensure clear accountability and ongoing support into the future, Intrepid Travel began The Intrepid Foundation in 2002 with a contribution of AUD$200,000. Although The Intrepid Group continues to provide support for The Intrepid Foundation, they are separate legal entities, allowing The Intrepid Foundation to grow independently. As of 2016 we have disbursed over AUD$5 million.

7. Can I leave a bequest for The Intrepid Foundation?

Yes, you can.

Firstly, we do recommend that you seek qualified legal advice when making or changing a Will.

You can leave a bequest in a few different ways including;

Residue of the Estate – leaving the remainder of your estate (or a specific percentage of the remainder)

Specific sum of money – set cash amount

Asset bequest – may include property, shares, insurance policies or anything of value such as art work or jewellery

If you would like to include a bequest to us, you may want to use the following wording as a guide. Please consult with your legal advisor for further guidance and advice.

I give and bequeath (the whole/ a percentage/specific amount/the residue) of my Estate to The Trustee For The Intrepid Foundation (ABN 94629272383) of Level 7, 567 Collins Street, Melbourne in the State of Victoria for its general purposes and I direct that a receipt from the Secretary or Treasurer for the time being of the said organisation shall be a sufficient discharge to my trustees.

Your bequest, large or small will make a big difference to the projects and partners we support through The Intrepid Foundation. We fund projects that work to improve the Planet, People, Peace, Partnership and Prosperity. We are aiming to leave 1,000 global communities better off through our support by 2020 so we very much appreciate any contribution you may want to make.

If you have any questions contact us.