Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation

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Blue Dragon addresses the issues keeping children and families in the poverty cycle, with an individualised approach.

Blue Dragon kids are street kids, children with disabilities, children from rural families living in extreme poverty, and victims of human trafficking and slavery.

Blue Dragon’s primary aim is to rescue kids from danger, reunite them with their families when possible, and provide all the services needed for recovery and growth. These include education, nutrition, health care, counselling, physical and creative activities, rescue, legal advocacy, safe shelter and a warm environment. Their team includes social workers, psychologists, teachers and lawyers who work directly with the children for a period of a few months, or several years, depending on their level of need.

In recent years, Blue Dragon has become involved in the rescue of children who have been trafficked for child labour, often into clothing sweat shops, or into the sex trade. They employ short-term rescue operations, and offer long-term support for victims of trafficking, while working with local government to fight the causes of trafficking. So far they have helped rescue more than 300 young people.

Your contribution through the Intrepid Foundation will help Blue Dragon reach more disadvantaged children and support them on a path out of poverty.

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