Roupa Suja Project (UMPMRS)

Working to improve the lives of the families living in the favela in the Roupa Suja neighbourhood, through education.

Uniao de Mulheres Pró Melhoramento da Roupa Suja (UMPMRS) - translates roughly to the Union of Women for the Improvement of Roupa Suja.  This area is part of Slum Rocinha - the biggest one in Rio, with approximately 250,000 people living there. Most of the residents have poor health, hygiene, education and material conditions. Most of their houses are made of rough concrete and have no access to basic facilities.  When the Mums are out seeking work, children are often left home alone and are at risk.

UMPMRS works to improve the lives of families and children in the neighborhood through

  • Day care and preschool of children beginning from 3 months old - currently for about 45 children from 3 months to 5 years.
  •  After school support classes, English classes and computer classes for elementary school students - for more than 70 people from the neighbourhood - helping prevent them dropping out of school.
  • Social assistance for young and single mothers.
  • General family assistance (pediatrician, social worker and psychologist).
  • The women's group.
  • Job training and support (predominantly for women).

UMPMRS is staffed with residents of the local community - providing more job opportunities and to support families in the area who want to better their own community.  The staff currently includes 10 women from the community and 2 maintenance men.

Your support through The Intrepid Foundation will contribute towards salaries for the teachers and for equipping and maintaining their centre and hope for a better future for a community which otherwise suffers much discrimination.  

UMPMRS  (Portuguese)

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