Thusanani Children's Foundation

Thusanani work to prevent and treat developmental delay in orphaned and vulnerable South African children, aged 0-6, in Children's Homes (orphanages) where they live. Developmental delay in these children has a far reaching negative impact on their formal schooling in later years and these children run the risk of being seen as children with special education needs and might not reach their full potential.

With the high prevalence of HIV/ Aids in South Africa there is a high mortality amongst mothers of young babies, toddlers and pre-school children. Some mothers abandon their babies for amongst many other reasons, the fact that they are too sick to look after their babies. The result is escalating numbers of orphans. The Children’s Homes have a high ratio of babies to care givers and the end result is developmental delay and these children not reaching their full potential.

Thusanani offers:

Treatment: The babies, toddlers and pre-school orphans are assessed to determine if they have a developmental delay. Treatment is then started where needed and this can be hands-on occupational therapy or treatment through a home program developed for that baby, toddler or pre-school child.

Training: Care givers of these children are trained to understand normal development, the importance of play in the stimulation of children and how to manage children with specific needs. Training is also presented for people from the communities with little resources on how to stimulate normal development and how to make toys from waste materials.

Thusanani currently employs five occupational therapists and an administrative person.

Treatment and prevention of development delay can set children on the right path that enables them to be contributing members of society, and break the cycle of abuse and poverty. Some of the children may be adopted out to families. Your support through the Intrepid Foundation will contribute towards reaching another Children’s Home that has a dire need for training of staff and treatment of children by employing an additional therapist.


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