Just One Nepal

Providing greater stability, support and vocational training for disadvantaged children in vulnerable circumstances.

just-one is a relatively small non-government organisation, targeting disadvantaged children living in dangerous and vulnerable situations on the streets; living with their impoverished families and/or those required to work for a living. They are currently supporting around 100 children with access to:

  • - appropriate educational opportunities;
  • - facilitating greater stability and security within their living environment;
  • - economic sustainability through the provision of appropriate vocational training.

Disadvantaged children coming to just-one's attention are counseled by their Nepali staff, closely monitored and where necessary placed at their Rehab Home, where they’re prepared mentally, socially, vocationally and in the meantime also closely observed for their individual progress before reunification with their families.

Your support for just-one through The Intrepid Foundation, will help bring much needed support for:

- Funding of educational/training assistance for rehabilitated children and support for their family’s economic sustainability.
- Provision of activity centre/library services at the Rehab Home.
- Further development of their current facilities allowing security and happiness to be brought to the lives of an ever greater number of disadvantaged children.

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