Animal Care in Egypt (A.C.E)

A true friend to Egypt's mistreated animals.

The ACE team is made up 12 fulltime workers including 2 vets and a number of volunteers.  They are currently caring for around 4,000 injured, sick and mistreated animals a month, providing them with professional veterinary care, nutritious meals and relief from pain. All services are provided for free.  

Founded by Julie Wartenberg, in July 2000, their veterinary hospital works to rehabilitate mistreated donkeys, horses, mules, dogs, camels and other animals; and to educate local people in appropriate animal care.  Up to 300 children a week come and learn that animals feel pain just like us, and should be treated with care and respect.

Animals are essential for local peoples' livelihood, but because the people are desperately poor and illiterate, they may turn to traditional 'cures' instead of professional help.  These cures may range from being cruel to outright barbaric. ACE focuses on prevention through education and early intervention where possible. For example, by teaching people to give their animals a break from their long working day in the sun, and removing their tack and giving them a wash and a drink - can help to prevent the accumulation of dirt and sweat that may lead to rubbing, sores and eventually open wounds. 

If you are in Egypt please visit the hospital in Luxor. ACE welcomes any awareness raising you can do for the project, both in Egypt and your home country.  Donations of second hand tack/dog collars and flea treatment are also welcomed.  Your support will help ACE expand their work and accept the ever-increasing number of animals brought into their care.


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