Alola Foundation

The Alola Foundation was established in 2001, by the then First Lady, Ms Kirsty Sword Gusmao, to nurture women leaders and advocate for the rights of women in this emerging new nation.  Their mission is to:

-To promote women’s rights and increase women’s leadership capacity.

-Improve health status of women and children.

-Increase access & quality of education for women and children.

-Strengthen women’s small enterprise at grassroots level.

Alola has 4 main program areas which are managed from the head office in Dili and the East Region Office based in Baucau: Maternal and Child Health,  Education,  Economic Development, and  Advocacy. 

Through The Intrepid Foundation, we are helping to support their Advocacy work.  This program works on community development projects in the 13 districts.  Alola has recruited a field officer for each of the districts, who works very closely with Alola’s women’s groups in each district on women’s empowerment program.

Your support will help to:

-Establish a capacity building program for targeted working groups on women rights, women empowerment concepts, conduct awareness raising awareness to reach the un-reached (home based and groups based visits).

-Establish a group discussions mechanism to build women’s self-confidence, through providing proper training for women on leadership skills, planning, implementation and effective participation in decision-making.

-Facilitate training to increase women’s knowledge on leadership, domestic violence and sexual violence and maternal and child health issues. 

These programs help Timor-Leste’s priorities in achieving MDGs (Millenium Development Goals) in specific areas such as gender equality, improve women and children health status, and education for all and increasing women’s economic prospects.  These all contribute towards the Alola Foundation's motto of:

"Strong Women, Strong Nation"!

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