The Lotus Children's Centre

Lotus cares for a large number of Mongolia's homeless and unwanted children.

The Lotus Children's Centre was established by Didi Ananda Kalika. Didi arrived in Mongolia to teach in a kindergarten in 1993 but since 1995 has run Lotus House, a home for orphans and homeless children, located about 20 minutes from the centre of Ulaan Baatar. Great need in the area has lead to the centre now housing about 150 children. The Centre has approximately 36 full-time local staff plus contractors and 4 international staff.

The children are variously victims of abandonment, abuse or neglect. Alcoholism has become endemic amongst the poor and domestic violence and brutal crime are on the increase. Wherever possible Lotus encourage contact between children and their families. Lotus looks after the basic health, shelter and educational needs of the children. As the children grow, there is a great need for them to learn some skills for employment and effective life skills, so they can break the cycle of poverty and despair and live happier lives. Lotus has a kindergarten and there are plans to open a primary school. Some of the teenagers are attending high school and university courses.

Other Lotus projects include the Soup Kitchen, providing food to needy families in the area. There are plans to set up a bakery, where teenagers can learn skills and earn come money by making and selling bread and cakes to local people.

The Lotus Children's Centre receives no Government funding, and depends entirely on individual and business support. The running costs (wages, electricity, food and heating) total approximately $5,000 per month. If you are visiting Mongolia, please consider packing some items the centre requires: sports equipment (soccer, foot or tennis balls), frisbees, games, puzzles, jigsaws, small warm clothes and shoes and hair ties for the girls.

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