Blue Dragon Children's Foundation

Working in Vietnam with the most vulnerable children Blue Dragon Children's Foundation supports street kids, children with disabilities, the rural poor, and victims of trafficking.

Blue Dragon have established several unique programs which  address the issues keeping children and families in the poverty cycle. They employ psychologists and lawyers to work directly with children and take an individualised case work approach, unique  in Vietnam.

Children may be in the programs for a few months, or several years, depending upon the level of their need. Blue Dragon's main aim is to help kids go to school or receive vocational training, and they support them to do so until they no longer need formal education.

Blue Dragon's support for child victims of trafficking involves short-term rescue operations, as well as long-term support for them to return home and continue at school. They work with the local media and government to help them understand and fight the causes of child trafficking, so that their work can have an impact for generations to come.

Blue Dragon works in both residential and non-residential settings. If kids need a home, they will provide it, along with top quality care for their health and psycho-social development.

Their greatest success is when the children or young people in the programs no longer need their support. Your contribution through the Intrepid Foundation ensures they can reach more disadvantaged children and help them find the way out of poverty.

Whatever It Takes Campaign

Here’s what we will do in 2013-2014 with your support

1.   Rescue at least 70 trafficked children from sweatshops in Ho Chi Minh City
2.   Rescue at least
15 trafficked girls from Chinese brothels
3.   Reunite at least 50 runaway children with their families
4.   Provide nutrition,
dedicated social workers and a warm environment to keep kids safe
5.   Provide ongoing counselling, emergency accommodation and health care to kids in crisis
6.   Provide education and training for
200 more children
7.   Serve at least 10,000 meals to street children
8.   Build 5 houses for impoverished families
9.   Provide clothing for at least 200 children
10. Provide safe accommodation for at least 60 children

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