Peuan Mit Street Children Project

A program for street children, their families and their communities.

Peuan Mit means ‘Friends’ in Lao. It is a collaboration between the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare and Friends-International.

Peuan Mit works with up to 1400 children every month in the Lao capital, Vientiane, helping them to reintegrate back into Lao society and to prevent more children from coming to the streets. We support children and young people to return to public school, find employment, return to their families, become citizens of their own country, to discover their own culture and to express themselves.

We currently provide a series of projects that support the children:

The Prevention Team – works with over 500 children and with more than 100 families each month. The team is composed of a mobile school, a home based productions project that supports parents of children at risk and a community development team supporting poor communities.

The Outreach team – visits over 200 children living on the streets each month.

The Drop In Center / Residential Center – located in the center of Vientiane )provided by the MOLSW) provides remedial classes, hygiene facilities, recreational workshops (art, dance, drama, sport) emergency shelter, life-skills education and counselling sessions. Wach day about 30 children join the activities in the center and some stay at the cneter at night until alternative accommodation is found for them.

Vocational training and job placement – we offer training to 30 young people in hospitality and mechanics and help graduates to find employment.


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