HUTAN - Kinabatangan Orangutan Conservation Program

HUTAN's primary aim is to study orangutans in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo, but they are also working with the protection of elephants, swiftlets and other native animals.
The majestic orangutans are only found in the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra.  With a shrinking habitat, Bornean orangutans are classified as endangered.  HUTAN work closely with the Sabah Wildlife Department (SWD) aiming to identify and understand the complex threats faced by the orangutans and develop innovative solutions to conserve them.
From their base at Sukau, next to the Kinabatangan River, HUTAN's staff, 90% of whom are from Sukau village, work closely with the communities in and around the orang-utan habitat areas.  The Orangutan Research Unit (OURs) work includes the study of orangutan behaviour in both native habitats and non-native areas - such as the extent of adaptation of the orangutan to degraded and fragmented habitat and to palm oil plantations.
HUTAN has a strong commitment to training local staff to enhance their capacity in conducting conservation related work, and on education programs in the communities.
Recent positive outcomes of HUTAN work have included:
-reduced levels of degradation and fragmentation of orang-utan habitat through improved land use management.
-illegal logging, poaching and other illicit activities controlled in key orang-utan habitat
-a reduction in human-wildlife conflicts arising between protected areas, neighbouring communities and human activities.
Your support through The Intrepid Foundation will help us contribute support towards the team of 12 research assistants and help ensure the future of these magnificent apes on our planet.

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