Bay Area Wilderness Training

Bay Area Wilderness Training (BAWT) empowers teachers and youth workers to integrate outdoor and environmental education curriculum into their programs. Through low-cost wilderness leadership courses, free gear lending libraries, and financial and logistical support, these leaders gain confidence, and are given equipment, and tools to bring youth into the outdoors and provide enriched learning experiences. BAWT’s network of trained leaders, working in underrepresented communities throughout the Bay Area, reaches over 7,000 youth per year.
Since 1999, BAWT has:
• Trained over 1300 adults from more than 400 Bay Area community-based agencies and schools, through our Wilderness Leadership Training (WLT) and Front Country Leadership Training (FLT) programs
• Facilitated overnight outdoor adventures for over 30,000 urban youth
• Built a unique gear lending collection in three separate Bay Area locations with the capacity to outfit up to 350 people at one time
 BAWT makes it easy, safe, and comfortable for youth to experience the outdoors. By training leaders with access to youth, fully outfitting groups at no cost (including clothing and boots!), and providing funds to help defray the expense of training and food, BAWT is breaking down barriers for underrepresented communities to have life changing wilderness experiences. BAWT’s “train-the-trainer” model enables us to efficiently reach many youth, and ensures that their experience is driven by leaders already invested in their lives. The aim is to create a culture of stewardship that echoes throughout the community.

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