Geckos - Saidia Children's Home

Providing a safe place for disadvantaged children and helping break the cycle of poverty.

Saidia Children's Home provides a safe place for orphans and abandoned children, and for children who have been physically or sexually abused. They have several programs that help to prevent the problems of poverty, crime, drugs, ill health, and hunger:

·The children’s home provides for all the needs of homeless children. When possible these children are reintegrated with their families but for the majority of the children they were abandoned as babies or the whereabouts of their relatives is unknown. They have one nursery class for the very young children, and then once school age, the children attend nearby local schools.

·The Bondeni project is a feeding and education program for disadvantaged children living with relatives at the nearby Bondeni estate.

·The Rafiki club is a home based feeding program mainly for mothers that are HIV positive, aiming to give nourishment, health care, counseling, and life skills to help extend the lives of the women and their children.

·The Granny club is for grandmothers in the local community who due to AIDs, poverty and adversity are the sole carers of their grandchildren. It is a self-help project with meetings and training around vocational skills such as crop raising, goat rearing, literacy and helping set up small businesses making bags or beadwork.

Saidia was founded in 2004 by members of the local community, to help the street children and now its reach is basically the town of Gilgil and nearby towns. Currently there are 56 children living at the home, around 75 children in the Bondeni feeding program, approximately 20 mothers in the Rafiki club and around 40 members of the Granny club. The numbers are expanding as there are many more needy cases in the area.

Your support of Saidia through Geckos, will be directed towards projects that will help Saidia become more self sufficient including a dairy cow project and a farm to grow food crops and vegetables.

Geckos Adventures is committed to investing in the local communities we visit. To ensure we are offering adequate support to a variety of projects, Geckos has partnered with The Intrepid Foundation. Through this partnership, we can offer our travellers a more substantial base for donation and a greater selection of projects to support.


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