Geckos - New Hope Children's Centre

New Hope is a centre for orphans and destitute children, both boys and girls, from many parts of Kenya.  It is situated in Limuru (Uplands), about 50 kilometres north of Nairobi. The Centre was started in 2000 by Mr & Mrs Chege, both retired bankers.  They run the home as full-time volunteers, assisted by 12 staff.  The centre is registered with the Ministry of Culture and Social Services and has a 7 member Board of Trustees.

The Centre's aim is to assist the less fortunate in society, and give them hope. They currently cater for 170 children: 130 are residents and 40 live with their grandmothers, with New Hope paying for their school fees and assisting with clothing where necessary.

The Centre also has:

- Completed construction of the orphanage, with capacity for 200 children. It is built on a 4 acre block of land, and they also grow some food.

- An Outreach Ministry, where they help feed poor children and families from the surrounding villages.

- Electricity and clean water from a bore, (unlike many of the village homes).

- 40 children in High School, the rest in Primary School, with a few infants at home.

- A Training Centre which is partly built. Children, who do not qualify for senior high school / university, are trained with courses like dressmaking, hair-dressing, knitting, welding etc. They also assist people from the local community. Some of the children have been trained externally, and are now employed.

- Opportunity for children who excel academically to attend university. So far they've taken 16 to Nairobi University or Kampala Inter University.  Three have completed their studies and 13 are still there.

- A clinic with a trained nurse, for minor ailments. They also offer free treatment for local people.

New Hope does not receive any funding from the Government. Their survival depends on donations from friends and well-wishers.  They invite people to help them, to be able to accomplish more, and reach many more needy people. Your donation to the New Hope Children's Centre through Geckos via The Intrepid Foundation will go towards food, clothing, transportation, staff salaries, medical and dental care and fees for education.

Geckos Adventures is committed to investing in the local communities we visit. To ensure we are offering adequate support to a variety of projects, Geckos has partnered with The Intrepid Foundation. Through this partnership, we can offer our travellers a more substantial base for donation and a greater selection of projects to support.


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