1. How can I donate?

Donating to Community Projects…
To donate to the Intrepid Community Project Fund, please search either by clicking on the location or project type to the left. You have the option of either just selecting the country you wish to support and your donation will be split amongst all the projects we have currently in that country OR you can choose individual projects.

Each project has a donation box at the bottom of the page. Simply type in how many multiples of AU$10 you would like to donate and click the 'donate' button.

Donating to the Perpetual Fund account…
To donate to the Intrepid Perpetual Fund account, please contact us. Donations made to the Intrepid Perpetual Fund account are tax deductible for Australian tax payers.

Administration costs for both funds will be entirely funded by Intrepid Travel and 100% of public donations will reach the nominated program or project.

2. Will my entire donation get to the project I have chosen?
Yes, the administration costs of The Intrepid Foundation are being entirely funded by Intrepid Travel. 100% of public donations will reach the nominated program or project. All charities or foundations have administration costs - staff wages, advertising and marketing, accounting & legal fees, bank charges etc. For many charities this accounts for more than 20% of contributions. Intrepid Travel is paying for all the administrative overheads of The Intrepid Foundation. (Please note that The Intrepid Perpetual Fund account beneficiaries may take out some administrative expenses.)

3. Who holds the money I donate and can they be trusted?
The Intrepid Community Projects Fund is managed by The Intrepid Foundation Limited to maximise funds raised and disbursed to suitable beneficiary organisations and projects.

The Perpetual Support Fund is run by The Intrepid Foundation Trust. They are a registered charity with a TCC (Tax Charity Concession) and DGR status (Deductible gift recipient). To achieve this status rigorous standards need to be maintained.

The Intrepid Foundation Limited  has a board consisting of senior staff of Intrepid Travel and a number of qualified and experienced external directors.  The Board has appointed a Committee of Management that meets quarterly and ensures all organisations and projects are assessed and monitored according to approved criteria. Our accounts are audited by an external, independent auditor.

4. Is the Foundation owned by Intrepid?
No - The Intrepid Foundation and its trustee company are indepdent of Intrepid Travel.

Intrepid Travel established the Intrepid Foundation at the end of the 2002 Financial Year with a contribution of AU$200,000 and continues to generously support its work via the dollar for dollar donation matching scheme and payment of operating expenses.

The Foundation has a seperate and independent board of directors which determine strategy and monitors progress.

5. Can I get involved with the Foundation in some way?
Of course the first way is to donate to any of the programs or projects offered!

Fundraising - we welcome any fundraising initiatives that you may wish to take to support any of The Intrepid Foundation's current beneficiary projects. You may have visited one of these projects while travelling with Intrepid. If suited we may be able to promote your fundraiser through Intrepid Express.

6. Is my donation tax deductible?
If you are an Australian taxpayer, donations to The Intrepid Perpetual Fund account are tax deductible. The Intrepid Community Project Fund is not eligible for Australian donors to receive tax deductibility. 

7. Why has Intrepid Travel bothered to do this?
Since Geoff Manchester and Darrell Wade started Intrepid way back in '89, they have honoured a commitment to contribute back to the communities where they operate. They supported many different projects; some managed by NGOs based in Australia like Community Aid Abroad and Plan; some quite grassroots projects in the communities they visit. As the company grew, so did this support and they have had a huge level of support from travellers for the projects they endorse. And so, to ensure clear accountability and ongoing support into the future Intrepid Travel began The Intrepid Foundation Incorporated in 2002 with a contribution of AU$200,000. Although Intrepid Travel provides support for The Foundation, they are now separate entities, allowing The Foundation to grow independently.

8. Can I make regular donations?

If you would like to make regular monthly or quarterly donations to one of the Projects, you can arrange a direct debit to our account:  Contact Us