Here are some of the recent comments by donors: -

I was distressed.by the conditions of so many working animals in Egypt , but was truly heartened by the excellent work being done by the ACE team in Luxor. I hope this small donation helps! David, H Australia 18/4/13

I loved visiting Peru. I saw amazing scenery, however, I fell in love with the people. I hope this small donation will help this local school in Peru. Lesley D, Australia 28/6/13

I found Morocco to be a truly magical experience that made me realise what I have and how very lucky I am. I would recommend this trip to anyone who needs to get some perspective. The colours, the people, the beauty - just perfect! Peter T, Australia 29/6/13

I fully support the wonderful work that Intrepid is doing in far flung countries where the people are not so well off. The Cambodians have suffered much. Cheryall M, New Zealand 4/7/13 

I had a wonderful trip with Yaddu in Northern India and am happy to make this donation. Pamela S, Australia 13/3/13 

Travelling through India I learnt that educating girls is the only way that the country can make the cultural shift necessary to ensure they prosper in the future. Darlene A, Australia 10/02/13

I was greatly inspired by all the wonderful people at Asha ka Jharna during a visit while touring Rajasthan. Lydia C, Australia, 03/02/13

Very impressed by the setup at Koto in Saigon. The food was delicious and staff could not have been better. Very best wishes in this worthwhile project. Colin M, United Kingdom 10/01/13

Donation for Blue Dragon, Vietnam. We visited their centre in Hanoi and were very moved by the great work that they do with at risk children. Mike F, New Zealand 23/12/12

Earlier this year I saw first hand the wonderful work that COPE are doing. I hope this donation will help someone in need. Courtney D, Australia 19/12/12

Amani touches your heart deeply, the children deserve the best. James R, Australia 28/11/12

In a survey of past donors we received many wonderful testimonials about the work we do. Here are some:-

I choose to support projects through The Intrepid Foundation as I believe their projects do make a difference, and my experience with Intrepid Travel was a wonderful example of responsible travel. I will definitely continue to support their projects. Sylvia, Australia

Witnessing first hand the huge difference that our support makes to the lives of young people and those most in need gives you a sense of  'doing something right' for our fellow human kind.  Anon

With TIF you can be sure that your money goes 100% to the people who need support. All admin costs are covered by Intrepid and the organisations are very well selected. Barbara, Germany

Intrepid supports worthwhile organizations and you know that all donations reach intended recipients and are not wasted on admin fees. Denise, Australia

In the modern world we can be asked to contribute to so many causes, to the point where we often respond to none. Sometimes it's important to act on the spur of the moment rather than trying to weigh up every decision.  Scott, Australia

I travel with Intrepid because of the connection with the country and its people their style of trip encourages. It also makes me care about all aspects of the country, not just the country's tourist industry, and I want to help those who are less fortunate and not able to benefit directly from our tourist dollars. I trust Intrepid to make sure it goes to the right organizations to do the most good.  Claire, USA

We went to Vietnam and Cambodia on our honeymoon - it was then I decided to donate to children's causes in both of those countries instead of anniversary presents as we already have so much.

Intrepid has a philosophy of responsible travel and this incorporates giving back to those who graciously receive us in their country regardless of their level of poverty. I always return humbled by my experience and wanting to assist the wonderful organisations Intrepid supports. Congratulations Intrepid. Irene, Australia.

I never underestimate how fortunate I am in being able to travel the world and think it right that in doing so for pure pleasure, I should give something back to those less fortunate in the countries I visit.  Anon

I was delighted that Intrepid includes these needy societies in their tours, as visiting them gives a far richer travel experience. Donating directly to these societies also lessens the feeling of us well-off tourists going to the countries and 'gawking at' societies with very little.  Anon

I have donated through Intrepid because I like the ideals of the organisation and their identification with the people of the countries we visit through the organisation. It is easy to act the voyeur in places where people are poor or different but I believe the people concerned need to have access to a good education so they can take control of their lives and make it better for themselves. Some of us are lucky to have had that privilege and are in a position to help. By doing so, we are helping ourselves in our pursuit of a world at peace with itself. Alan, Australia

It's always inspiring to see people making the most of their lives, often in difficult circumstances, and I feel that those of us who do not face such difficulties have an obligation to support in some way those who do. It's the least we can do.  Anon

My pupils responded to my presentation of my holiday. I matched their contribution $ for $ and you doubled our contribution. The project also responded with "Newsletters", and a "costing" of what our contribution would allow them to achieve. The kids loved that idea. Since then all and any Christmas and Birthday "gifts" are made as contributions to Intrepid.  Anon

I hosted a charity dinner for 10 friends and family on the weekend, and everyone contributed a donation for The Blue Dragon Children's Foundation. I was inspired to help the children in need after travelling through Vietnam. Elizabeth, New Zealand

Each Intrepid Foundation (supported project) I have visited in the past (numerous trips) have all impressed me as honest and worthwhile organisations helping the local community. Terry, Australia

The Intrepid Foundation fulfills a desperate need to help people in third world countries who would otherwise be destitute without the help. It gives ordinary people like me an opportunity to give where otherwise it may be difficult to get the money where it is desperately needed. Sometimes it isn't until one visits countries that we realize just how lucky we are and how much others need our support and help. The Intrepid Foundation is a worthwhile organization and I urge others to give. Annie, Australia

I was so touched by what I saw in Cambodia, that I convinced our family to give money instead of presents for Christmas, all of which we donated to the Intrepid Foundation. It felt much more satisfying knowing that our money was going to a good cause, rather than presents which we didn't really need. Catherine, Australia