The Community Project Fund

Donations to this fund go to the grassroots work of non-government organisations based in Intrepid Travel's operating areas and identified as making a valuable contribution to the local community. These include many small organisations or projects that you may visit during your Intrepid trip.

The Intrepid Community Project Fund is managed by The Intrepid Foundation Ltd. This company has a board consisting of senior staff of Intrepid Travel and a number of qualified and experienced external directors. The Board has appointed a Management Committee of experienced individuals to conduct the day to day operation of the Fund. They identify suitable projects which conform to Board agreed criteria, promote them as they think fit, monitor their development to ensure they continue to operate in an effective manner, maintain records of donations received, report to the Board on a regular basis and recommend the annual grants to be made to each beneficiary. The accounts are audited each year by an external, independent auditor.

To make a regular donation you can transfer money to the Projects account at:
Bank: St George
Account Name: The Intrepid Foundation Ltd
BSB: 333-030
Account Number: 700709192

Please clearly label your donation and let us know which project it is to go towards.

 Administration costs for both funds are entirely funded by Intrepid Travel and 100% of public donations will reach the nominated program or project.