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* Up to AUD $400,000 in each financial year and a maximum of AUD $5,000 total per donor in each financial year.

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New Projects For July

Ultrasound exams, Indonesia $20



Literature for Children, Peru $20

In the Southern Andes one third of children donít complete primary school, and


5 years of Agricultural Education, Peru $150

The Educational Greenhouse Project teaches c


Family planning for rural women, Peru $25

In rural communit


Prenatal visits, Indonesia $30

Providing a pregnant woman with a bi-weekly health


Pediatric Check-ups, Indonesia $35

Indonesian children often get little medical


Week's salary for a mid-wife, Indonesia $75

Midwives in developing countries play a vital role in hel


Meals for a Year, Peru $100

33% of the children in rural Peru suffer fro